Episode 88: Anastasia Taylor-Lind & Alisa Sopova (Conflict Photography)

Today’s guests work together in Ukraine, exploring the impact of war on the daily life of civilians, as well as combatants.  Together they join poetry, anthropology, photography and journalism [...]

Episode 87: Rian Dundon (Documentary Photography)

Rian Dundon is based in Portland, Oregon and specializes in documentary photography. He is also the author of the books, Protest City (2023), Fan (2015), and Changsha (2012). He [...]

Episode 86: Best Photobooks of 2023 (Gift Guide)

Today’s guests help us to review some of the best photobooks of 2023, including some that are actually affordable!  Join Kyle Myles founder of Baltimore Photo Space and Lori [...]

Episode 85: Andre Wagner (Street Photography)

 Andre Wagner is an award-winning street and commercial photographer in Brooklyn, New York. His work focuses on everyday life while highlighting themes of race, class, and cultural identity in [...]

Episode 84: Beth Saunders (UMBC Photo Archives)

In this week’s podcast episode, Beth Saunders returns to discuss her involvement in the UMBC Library Archives and their recent exhibit of Baltimore photographer Amos Badertscher. Beth is responsible [...]

Episode 83: Vikki Tobak & Sue Kwon (Music Photography)

Celebrating 50 years of Hip-Hop music and photography, we are joined by Vikki Tobak and Sue Kwon who were in the middle of the 1990’s explosion of Hip-Hop and [...]

Episode 82: Sheila Pree Bright (Music Photography)

Sheila Pree Bright joins the podcast this week to talk about hip hop photography! Her work is focused on her interest of individuals lives and communities that are often [...]

Episode 81: Eman Mohammed (Conflict Photography)

This week, Eman Mohammed, an award-winning photojournalist and Saudi-born, Palestinian-American, joins the podcast. Eman currently serves as a Senior Ted fellow based in Washington, DC however, her photographic journey began [...]

Episode 77: Natalie Keyssar (Conflict Photography)

The first episode of our new season with hosts Joe Giordano and Molly Roberts. Natalie Keyssar, a documentary photographer in Brooklyn, New York, kicks off our first episode back [...]

Good News Everyone! We’re Back!

After a hiatus for the messy years of covid quarantines and access issues, the 10FPS podcast is back!  We have older episodes posting to the WLOY YouTube channel and [...]