Episode 104: Wendel White (Documentary Photography)

Wendel White. Photo Credit: Carmela Cólon-White   Newark, New Jersey native Wendel White has made significant accomplishments both in and out of his home state. As a documentary photographer whose [...]

Episode 103: Phillip Toledano (AI and Art Photography)

Phillip Toledano. Source: LensCulture A self-described conceptual artist, Phillip Toledano is an acclaimed creative known for work spanning a variety of mediums that include photography, videography, sculpture, and painting. [...]

Episode 102: Kaitlin Newman (Documentary Photography)

Kaitlin Newman. Photo Credit Baltimore native Kaitlin Newman is a multifaceted photojournalist whose work in the field began at 16 years old on her high school’s newspaper staff. Since [...]

Episode 101: Carey Wagner (Documentary Photography)

Carey Wagner. Photo Credit: Steve Remich New York City-based Carey Wagner is a documentary photographer that recently became the President of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), an organization [...]

Episode 98: Mary Virginia Swanson (Editors and Publishing)

Darius Himes and Mary Virginia Swanson. (Credit: Esha Chiocchio) Mary Virginia Swanson is an acclaimed photographer whose endeavors within the field expand to education and entrepreneurship. After earning her [...]

Episode 4: SSgt. Kenny Holston (Documentary Photography)

ARCHIVE EPISODE: As a part of the United States Air Force, photojournalist Kenny Holston shares his experience capturing scenes during his numerous military assignments throughout the years in this [...]

Episode 31: Michael A. McCoy (Documentary Photography)

ARCHIVE EPISODE: With a longtime passion for photography, photojournalist Michael A. McCoy has had the opportunity to capture a variety of scenes and settings throughout his life. Having had [...]

Episode 9: Webster Phillips (Documentary Photography)

ARCHIVE EPISODE: Webster Phillips is part of a lineage of great photographers, his father Irving Henry Webster Philips Jr. was the first Black photographer at the Baltimore Sun, his [...]

Episode 2: Shan Wallace (Street Photography)

ARCHIVE EPISODE: Baltimore native Shan Wallace joins the podcast to discuss her street photography having commissioned photos for media outlets such as The Washington Post and The Cut. However, [...]

Episode 94: Michelle McLoughlin (Documentary Photography)

Michelle McLoughlin is a Connecticut-based photojournalist whose work spans both the editorial and corporate worlds. Holding a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Boston University, some of McLoughlin’s highlighted clients [...]