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Tamir Kalifa (image credit)

Throughout his extensive photographic career that now spans over a decade, Tamir Kalifa has captured a variety of significant events within the nation in beyond. Dealing with subject matters such as the impacts of violence and political happenings, Kalifa’s work often appears in acclaimed publications like The New York Times and The Washington Post.

A specific area of interest for Kalifa has been Texas. Having spent five months in the Uvalde, TX, community after the infamous Robb Elementary School mass shooting in 2022, Kalifa wrote a gut-wrenching article in light of its year anniversary for The New York Times. Even before his coverage of Uvalde, Kalifa had spent three months working with victims of the El Paso, TX, Walmart shooting in 2019. Photo collections like “El Paso Strong” and “Texas, Our Texas” are additional testaments to Kalifa’s deep-rooted relationship with the state.

A recent accomplishment of Kalifa’s is the 2024 American Mosaic Journalism Prize, which honors reporting excellence in the areas of underrepresented and/or misrepresented groups in the United States. Currently, Kalifa is in Tel Aviv, Israel on assignment documenting their side of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict due to his inability to travel into Gaza to cover Palestine.

Keep up with Tamir on Instagram or explore some highlights via his Linktree.

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