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Rian Dundon is based in Portland, Oregon and specializes in documentary photography. He is also the author of the books, Protest City (2023), Fan (2015), and Changsha (2012). He is a contributing author at the Economic Hardship Reporting Project and collaborates as a photographer with the Keystone-SDA agency in Zürich. Dundon found his niche for documentary photography while living in China where he engaged in the local film industry and photojournalism. His journey continued as he took on editorial roles for various publications and nonprofit organizations, such as Raw View Magazine and Catchlight. Dundon has shared his expertise in documentary photography through teaching positions at the San Francisco Art Institute, University of California, and the International Center of Photography. Holding an M.A. in Social Documentation from U.C. Santa Cruz, he was recognized as a 2020 Magnum Foundation fellow. Listen to learn more about his exciting work!  On December 13 there will be an event at the Magnum Foundation in NYC centered on his new Protest City book, info can be found here.

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