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Today’s guests help us to review some of the best photobooks of 2023, including some that are actually affordable!  Join Kyle Myles founder of Baltimore Photo Space and Lori McBee book buyer for the Baltimore Museum of Art.  Listen in for an extensive list of the best photography books of 2023 from 2 outstanding retailers.  Get your pencils out because there are a lot of great books.  Check below for Joe and Molly’s picks for their best photobooks of 2023.

We start with Joe and some of this week’s news from the world of Photography: Harman Photo releases Phoenix 200 color film; Warning about package theft for photographers; Elliott Erwitt’s recent passing. Larry Fink’s also recent passing.


Joe’s Picks For Best Photobooks of 2023:

Boogie: Live on Live Long

Various: Relentless Courage Ukraine and the World at War

Andrae Steed: The Angelenos

Josef Koudelka: Next *

Masahisa Fukase: 1961-1991 Retrospective

Corinne Dufka: This is War: A Decade of Conflict *

Eugene Richards: In This Brief Life *

Bryan Schutmaat: County Road

Rian Dundon: Protest City

Vikki Tobak: Ice Cold: A Hip-Hop Jewelry History

* Molly had these on her list too


Molly’s Picks For Best Photobooks of 2023:

Mathias Svold and Ulrik Hasseman: Gennem Øjetræet – Through the Eye of the Tree

Erinn Springer: Dormant Season

Dawoud Bey: Elegy

Andrew Dosunmu: Monograph

Various: Ukraine: A War Crime

Mark Alice Durant, ed: Running Falling Flying Floating Crawling

Alex Webb: Dislocations

Saul Leiter: The Centennial Retrospective

Joel Sternfield: American Prospects


Kyle Myles, Baltimore Photo Space, Picks for Best Photo Books of 2023

Dorthea Lange: Seeing People

Sofia Coppola: Archive

William Eggleston: Mystery of the Ordinary

Jim Goldberg: Coming and Going

Don McCullin: Life, Death and Everything in Between

Anne Rearnick: You Will Look to the Mountains

Shelby Lee Adams: From the Heads of the Hollers


Lori McBee, Baltimore Museum of Art Bookstore, 2023 Best Photography Books

Justine Kurland: SCUMB Manifesto

Stephen Shore: Modern Instances: The Craft of Photography (Expanded Edition)

Deana Lawson: An Aperture Monograph

Jamel Shabazz: Albums

John Waters: Pope of Trash

Diane Arbus: Documents

Lee Friedlander: Framed by Joel Coen


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