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Svet Jacqueline joins the podcast this week remotely from Ukraine, where she covers social and humanitarian issues through images. She gained a Bachelor of Science in Photography from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University and works as a freelance photojournalist at Zuma Press today. Zuma is an independent agency and wire service based out of California that allows photojournalists to capture award winning images and stories. There, she uses her love for photography to capture issues and inspire change. She has always been moved by humanitarian issues and with her roots in Ukraine, she was drawn to the country. Her compelling photo stories such as “Too Young to Fight” and “An Unnecessary War,” show the resilience of the everyday people in Ukraine. Listen to Svet dive deep on her experience in capturing the welcoming and lively people in Ukraine in, as she says, “the backdrop of war.”  Svet has won numerous awards and honors for her intense and important work.

Svet’s work has been published in Ukraine: A War Crime and she is also among the 6 photojournalists who contributed their work to the book, Relentless Courage: Ukraine and the World at War along with David Hume Kennerly, a Pulitzer Prize Winner and 10FPS Episode 66’s special guest.

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