Ep. 47 All Things Photobook with Ben Smith

We welcome photographer and podcaster Ben Smith of A Small Voice, based in the UK. We’ll be discussing the year in photobooks, personally bought and otherwise and Ben’s pod in which he speaks to international photographers about their work.

Ben’s Books:

Joe’s Books:

Paolo Pellegrin : Un’antologia

Salgado: Scent of a Dream: Travels in the World of Coffee Photos

Abbas: In Whose Name?: The Islamic World after 9/11 Photos

The Charcoal Bookclub model.

One thought on “Ep. 47 All Things Photobook with Ben Smith”

  1. Great conversation. Thanks. I was editing some images in Lightroom whilst listening to your podcast. I graduated with a BA in Documentary Photography last year, where one of our assignments was to shoot a cohesive subject and produce a PhotoBook. What an experience. Although we had access to Uni materials, I managed to track-down a local Book Binder who schooled me in hand stitching my book and selecting materials appropriate to my subject matter. I want to do another. I’m hooked!

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